The Medieval Cooked Ham (prosciutto cotto) of “Salumi del Museo is perfect for restaurants, hotels, Horeca, delicatessens, pizzerias and food retail.


Roasted cooked ham

Easily sliced with a knife

Delicious both cold and hot

“The Medieval Cooked Ham has a gentle flavour and a natural golden brown.”


Salumi del Museo

"Salumi del Museo" is the premium brand of Italia Dei Sapori. It is suitable for restaurants, Horeca, grocery stores and food retail. This brand represents the best food supply production and contains more than 50 years of authentic flavours know-how. Pigs are raised in nature under close monitoring ensuring a high-quality raw material and the manufacturing method respects the cured period and all Italia Dei Sapori standards. In "Salumi del Museo" tastes and aromas, you could find the hand-made excellence of the Italian salumi.

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