“Italia Dei Sapori” is a selector and food supplier of the excellent Italian culinary delights for restaurants, Horeca and retail.

It was born in early 2000, but its story started a long time ago. The company has four products brands: “Salumi del Museo”, “Salumi di Cantina”, “Mastro Egidio” and “Cheeses”, and it can offer a wide range of Italian foods like Prosciutto di Parma (Cured Ham), fresh pasta, olive oil, Italian wine.

egidio montanari italia dei sapori
"Mine is a story of familiar traditions that started at the end of the ‘50, when my grandfather Eugenio, driven by passion, created a small bovine and pork farm. This is the reality where I was born and in which I grew up, this is the "fil rouge" that influenced (and still doing) my professional life."

Egidio Montanari - Italia dei Sapori founder

Our story

Italia dei Sapori today

Italia dei Sapori continuously invests in the search for very high quality meat in order to obtain natural and artisanal cured meats without preservatives, which allow its consumers to discover the ancient flavors and aromas of tradition.

Currently the company operates from its headquarters in Soliera in the province of Modena, with a warehouse, a laboratory, a logistic center and a dedicated sales point, and in addition to its supporting product represented by its own lines of cured meats, it selects on the territory important dairies for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano.