servizi di italia dei sapori consulenza prodotti alimentari
Custom consulting
servizi di italia dei sapori consegna prodotti alimentari
Quick delivery
servizi di italia dei sapori mantenimento catena del freddo prodotti alimentari
Cold chain

As an Italian food supplier with a long experience, Italia Dei Sapori can offer focused services suitable for restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, Horeca, groceries and food retail.

Custom food consulting

Are you a long-experienced restaurant owner who is looking for quality products always new to differentiate from competitors?

Do you just open a grocery store (or this is your intention shortly)? Are you searching for a reliable food supplier?

Our long experience in the foodservice industry allows us to advise at best whoever needs help in this market.

Our wide range of traditional Italian food products (Salumi Del Museo, Salumi Di Cantina, Mastro Egidio) provides large options able to meet every need.

Quick delivery all over Europe

Nowadays the speed is an essential business key for customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a selection of trusted partners, we deliver the goods directly to the client on time. We also ensure the cold chain preservation from our warehouse all over the shipment.