“Italia Dei Sapori”, a selector of Italian food delights, is a food supplier and a food service company for restaurants, Horeca and food retail. It offers services of custom consulting and delivery all over Europe.

Products categories of Italia Dei Sapori

Italian food supplier for quality restaurants and food retail

Managers of restaurants, hotels, delicatessens, pizzerias and groceries knows well the matter to offer high-quality food products to their customers because that’s the core of the food industry excellence.

Working in the foodservice industry for over twenty years, “Italia Dei Sapori” deeply understand needs of who offer the best of Italian culinary delights to their clients every day.

Not only we offer foodstuffs made with the Italian highest production standards, but we also provide the delivery to the customer preserving all the food organoleptic properties.

Italia Dei Sapori food catalog

“Dealing with Italian food delights” isn’t only a catchphrase, indeed Italia Dei Sapori pays a lot of attention to good eating, healthy living, respect for raw material and the environment.

Our product catalogue of Italian food (for restaurants, Horeca, food retail, groceries) includes a wide range of Italian traditional Salumi divided into two brands: Salumi del Museo (Top quality) and Salumi di Cantina (Traditional quality).

Italia Dei Sapori isn’t only salumi and pork meat, indeed through our Mastro Egidio brand, but we also offer a large selection of Italian traditional culinary products.

Italia dei Sapori services

As a food service company, we can offer to our clients (restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, groceries, food retail, Horeca) a complete service to ensure the quality of our products.

Thanks to a selection of trusted partners, we deliver the goods directly to the client on time. We also ensure the cold chain preservation from our warehouse all over the shipment.

We can offer our consulting to advise on the chosen of best products for your business, thanks to our catalogue it’s possible to select between different price range preserving almost the same food quality.

servizi di italia dei sapori consulenza prodotti alimentari
Custom consulting
servizi di italia dei sapori consegna prodotti alimentari
Quick delivery
servizi di italia dei sapori mantenimento catena del freddo prodotti alimentari
Cold chain